I was raised to be a wife.

To cook from scratch and clean with vinegar. To stain treat clothing by hand scrubbing. I was taught to get up early, and do my chores, make my bed, tidy the house and then get ready for work. I was taught to make soup on weekends and prep dinner so as to be able to cook when I get in from work. I was taught to always make extra in case Jesus came to the door looking for a meal, taught to always make an elaborate Sunday dinner. I was taught to keep the peace.

I was taught to work hard, and not talk back. To be seen, and not heard, to be respectful and give work my all, then to come home and give home my all.

I was taught to stand by my husband regardless of what. I was taught to be independent and thrive on my own. I was taught to soften my independence to allow my husband to feel needed. I was taught to play the role without sacrificing my dignity. I was taught to do my hair, nails and makeup at home. Taught to never beg, borrow or steal. Taught to keep my business in the house, and to never lend out your car.

I was raised to be a wife. Not a slide, not a side piece, not a girl, or friend with benefits. But a Wife.

Now find me someone raised to be a husband, someone who understands that you don’t deserve the perks of a wife, if you won’t assume the responsibility of a marriage.